10th february

Just before Christmas we noticed some of the ideas that colleagues were pitching to the Lab were very similar. They centered around sharing skills with each other and within our communities. 

Identifying and then sharing skills - what could be simpler?

Well , actually, plenty could go wrong. For a start there was no evidence that the wider colleague base would freely share skills, let alone customers. 

So the concept team decided to do an experiment. Using our internal social network , Yammer, they asked colleagues to post three of their skills , using just three words each. 

Every colleague who took part was required to nominate three other colleagues. Would it work, or would colleagues just ignore it?

Even though we ran it for only seven days , 149 colleagues took part. The skills swapped ranged from blogging to professional pole dancing! 

As a result of the positive test we are looking at building a skills swap function into our internal colleague database. At the same time we'll be looking at the different ways a skills database could benefit colleagues , customers and communities. 

Watch this space and check out the infographic with the results of the experiment!