december 12th

Friday saw an initial Lab session for the thorniest subject for any housing association: the repairs and maintenance service.

The repairs service is simultaneously the most loved and loathed thing that a housing provider does. Your home breaking down is always an inconvenience but can also be catastrophic.

There’s no room for error. But inevitably we make them.

This session was as much about framing the questions than providing any answers.

  • What does a future repairs service look like for customers used to the ruthless efficiency of the likes of Amazon?
  • How do we adapt services to cater to an ageing population with an increasing amount of people living on their own?
  • What should the home of the future look like when more and more people will be working from it rather than from an office?
  • And with over a third of adults obese by 2020 how will that impact the way in which people live in and maintain their homes?

We’ll be publishing the full results of our session shortly - it’ll be one of our major innovation themes for 2015.