Today we had two guests from a local hospice who were keen to explore ways the lab could help them - principally investigating the ways our lab methodology and Google Glass headset could improve their service for customers and colleagues. 

It was a real quick, focused session - lasting about 45 minutes in total during which we: 

  • Discussed different applications for the technology

  • Delved into the feasibility of each application and weighed it against the benefits

  • Chose an application and identified ways we could scale back for small tests

  • Developed resource requirements for it to succeed (Accessibility/Wifi, Live Streaming from the glasses to a remote source, Security and confidentiality safeguarding)

In the end we figured we don't have the expertise from our previous tests to definitely say the technology could do all we would ask. So we decided to loan the hospice the Google Glass for two weeks, not to test in a live clinical environment but to see what's possible with the tech. If everything comes up trumps, we'll start developing a service offer, measurements and method for a small pilot. 

Live streaming to a remote location is a really interesting prospect which we could undoubtedly use within Bromford, so as far as the lab is concerned we're happy for them to do the leg work! Secondly, we're constantly developing our lightweight pilot pipeline and creative tools - so any feedback or endorsement from our involvement with this hospice will only strengthen our network and encourage more partners to come forwards and work with us.