december 16th

Some areas don’t have a residents or tenants association and those that do may find they are withering and dying. Is a residents association necessary?

Can we re-imagine one fit for purpose in the 21st Century?
— Blog comment from Bessy Banks Grave

When we set up the Lab one of the main aims was to get a better flow of ideas into Bromford directly from tenants and other customers. Although we get lots of feedback it's often reflective of past experiences rather than challenging the organisation to move forward.

Today we've been discussing the Bromford SOS Lab that's been set up by the people behind BromfordCustomersUK , a non-affiliated Twitter feed.

The blog was set up by customers who haven't had the best service experience. However - we see huge potential in how the relationship could develop moving forward - particularly the role it could play in acting as a filter of ideas coming into the Lab. 

These are the ideas posted so far with the links:

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # one > How can Social Media help customers receive an improved service?

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # two > Xboxes for all tenants

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # three > Train residents on Bromford policy to help ensure they are followed

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # four > Use #googleglass for annual reviews

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # five > Empower new tenants with information

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # six > Cooling off period and the overlapping tenancy

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # seven > When a response, and an action, is required

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # eight > A 21st Century Residents Association

Into the Bromford_SOS_Lab > idea # nine > Eviction – the ultimate sanction?

It's great we are getting these but how soon can we act on them?

Today we've been discussing a better way of prioritising ideas as well as how we can make it more transparent. Could this include some sort of voting system for customers? Could this be hosted by customers themselves?

We'll be publishing results as we go and posting responses on the Bromford SOS blog. But it feels like we are indeed seeing the beginnings of the next generation of tenant involvement.