8th january

Today we've been working with our Property Portfolio team to look at results of the drone test on roofs as recently featured on our blog.

So did the test pass? 

Undoubtedly yes. We've been able to estimate , pretty broad-brush admittedly , the cost of where works are needed. We've also been able to eliminate where works are not needed.


  • It establishes where you need scaffolding and where you don't (if at all).
  • It has a significant reduction in cost and time.
  • Less hassle for the customer - there's no disruption of scaffolding. 


  • You need space to take off - that might be difficult in some places!
  • It just can't replace getting up there and having a feel about. 
  • Managing customer expectations. Just because we've sent an exploratory drone up doesn't mean that we'll immediately be doing work. 

We'll do a blog update including the next steps shortly.