February 4th 

Today we welcomed Esko Reinikainen and Jo Carter from The Satori Lab to Bromford Lab to compare our approaches to innovation and change. 

Satori Lab help organisations unlock their knowledge and innovation potential through people development, education and change programmes.

Whilst Bromford Lab has been set up internally to challenge established thinking, Satori Lab helps others design and build their own approach.

We learned lots. The main things we discussed were:

  • The challenges of moving organisations from hierarchical information age models to the networked employer of the future. 
  • How we reconnect people with why they started working for public services in the first place.
  • How we tap into the talents of people that our job profiles and descriptions fail to tap into.
  • How we join the networked organisation with the networked community and build up skillsets for more effective collaboration. 

One things we'll take away from today and do something with? 

Rather than form conventional teams around some of our lab tests and concepts we are going to throw a few things out there and see who self identifies as wanting to help. 

By connecting people across organisations with common interests you begin to remove silos and move towards the networked organisation. 

Thanks Esko and Jo for inspiring us!