Work: Just not as we know it

Work: Just not as we know it

Gaming at Work

Paul Taylor 5th December

I should have predicted the reaction when I tweeted the picture above.

"Wasting customers money."

"Looks like a youth club rather than work".  

What is it that prevents video gaming being integrated within the workplace?

Studies have shown that gaming can improve concentration, decision making and teamwork, yet it's still seen as time wasting within the traditional office.

A recent survey by WorldWinner showed that 80% of online gamers who play on and off throughout a workday said that they are better focussed on work after playing. 72% said they rely on game breaks to help them deal with job-related stress. 

The Lab are using Xbox One in a variety of scenarios and one will be to test how gaming could improve colleague engagement.  We'll be sharing our learning as we go

I'm biased of course: I learned more from Mario than I ever did in school.