december 22nd 

Every Monday morning we begin the week with Lab Planning - a quick-fire catch up that aims to eliminate the need for meetings.

This mornings conversation was dominated by one topic - we need to get better at failing.

Too many of our concepts are taking too long to develop.  We seriously need to up our failure rate!

Not failing could be a sign our Lab isn't taking enough risks. It could show we are being too cautious and not challenging the organisation enough.

There is also a strong economic argument for failing more. If it takes six months and £50,000 to take a product from idea to launch, then at best you'll get two cycles in a year. However, if you can do a complete cycle of learning in a week for £500, you can get 52 cycles in a year at about half the cost.

Our 2015 resolution? Fail in a way that doesn't kill us.