Lab Planning: What We Are Working On This Week

Following yesterday's post about working out loud - we thought we'd start posting what we are discussing in Lab Planning. That means there's a public record of the meeting too - it may hold us to account more!

We hold Lab Planning weekly - about an hour to co-ordinate what's coming in and what's happening next. Here's today's discussion boiled down for you:

Our new pipeline of work

There's over 40 (count 'em!) areas we need to explore as part of work coming out from Bromford 2.0. We've made some suggestions of priority areas to explore and test and are waiting for the green light. In the mean time - there's lots of background work we need to do ensure we tackle the problems in the right way. This is approximately 80% of our work this week. 

Living with sensors

20 of our customers have spent the last year living with sensor technology that maintains their heating and tracks their every movement. We've had some fascinating feedback that we are collating at the moment. Watch this space.

Getting customers excited about digital tech

What would our customers think of robot assistants? That's what we've been debating after playing around with FuzzBot - an AI tool. We're talking to the bright guys behind FuzzBot at FuzzLab about how we could get this into the hands of some customers for some early user road testing.

Why don't internal folk read our posts?

And do we care anyway? (Serious question - who needs to really know other than those actively involved in tests?) We've had quite a lot of interest in Simon's post on problem definition, but generally we still get puzzled looks when we talk about lab work. Who are the people we really need to engage?  You can look forward to some new comm's tests internally and externally over the coming weeks. 

That's this weeks priorities!