Nothing Good Can Come From Overthinking It!

So you may be expecting a really interesting, informative, mind blowing blog from Paul or Simon... But sorry you’re stuck with me!

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m the new Lab Connector here at the Innovation Lab at Bromford *insert waving emoji*.

Paul asked me to write a blog introducing myself – I’m sure there was a look of sheer panic on my face, as other than a Facebook status where I think I’m witty and hilarious (I’m really not!) I’ve never written anything publically for people to read.

I really try not to overthink things, I like spontaneity hence my bad tattoos but here I am…right now… overthinking it!

What do I write? What would people want to know? I’m not really that interesting?

Then it kind of hit me, how shockingly awful is it to be overthinking such a small thing when you are working in an innovation lab. Working in a fast paced exciting, creative team is not the place to be sitting here twiddling your thumbs. Nothing good can come from overthinking it!

Therefore I decided to just give an overall update of what’s changed in the lab in last couple of weeks rather than just talk about myself. I wanted to talk about my new Team!


Simon joined in May as the new lab designer, He's really laid back and i love his way of thinking, I would go into detail about what Simon is currently working on but you can see that in both our previous and upcoming blogs. But what I can tell you is he has some awesome taste in films and he’s pretty much as bad as me at Mario Kart! Sorry Simon, but we are both terrible.

As you have probably seen from a previous blog, Tom has swanned off to South East Asia for a year on his Sabbatical, which has opened up the Mario Kart number one spot for Paul to take over! However in his absence we have all decided to ‘Be more like Tom…. But not too much’ He’s a massive personality to the team (and ego) and he is missed but we hope he is enjoying his travels so far! And don’t forget to go check out his blog.

Michelle, ma belle (that song always pops into my head) is joining us in August whilst Tom is travelling. I loved Michelle’s design time in her interview. She’s really bubbly and energetic and I think she has a lot to offer. I think we will get on a treat and she will fit in really well.

Paul, well you all know him! I don’t think I really understood how much Paul is respected in the Innovation world until i became a part of it. He has like 22,000 twitter followers and an Instagram account that makes you envious with all his amazing travel photos!

And then there’s me…

So far I’ve been working on the website and generally getting stuck into everything. There’s a lot to take in and learn but it’s all exciting and new. I studied Graphic Design and Illustration at university so it’s been great getting to be creative again.

In a nutshell, that’s who the lab is at the minute! I’m sure if anyone had any actual questions for us we would be happy to answer them but I’m keeping it short and sweet for now. I’m really looking forward to getting involved with all our up and coming projects (which there are many, so keep your eyes peeled) and hopefully I will get better and more confident at this whole writing thing!

*Disclaimer – We don’t spend all day playing Mario Kart!