Good Luck @ThomasHartland - A New Adventure For Our Lab Designer

On Friday we said goodbye to Tom our Lab Designer - who's doing some real life testing of the new Bromford Sabbatical Policy.

Under the policy Bromford colleagues will be entitled to a sabbatical every two years, for up to a year at a time. The breaks are unpaid, but it’s assumed that the bulk of sabbatical takers will be moving to paid, temporary positions elsewhere. 

Tom is doing some travelling though - and flies out today to India to begin a mammoth motorbike tour of South East Asia. 

You'll be able to keep up with Tom's adventures over at Badventuring.Com

He'll also be keeping in touch monthly with us in the Lab - and we are hoping to set up a livestream lightning talk at some point where hopefully we'll some examples of Jugaad Innovation

Tom was one of the founding four of Bromford's reboot of evidence based innovation and this represents a new phase for the Lab as we bring in new people and form greater links with our Insight Team.

We'd like to thank Tom for an amazing three years - and for really embedding an approach of frugal testing rather than bloated pilots!