Switching to Switchee

Today marked the first two Switchee installations in our customers homes. 

As part of a one year trial, Bromford and Switchee will be installing and managing twenty units across Wolverhampton and Lichfield. 

The Switchee device uses motion and light sensors to predict occupancy, learning patterns from the data to inform when the thermostat should be calling for heat from the boiler in the most efficient way - i.e. not left on when you're always out and about. Additional Z wave motion sensors, installed in the living rooms, will help bolster this occupancy metric. 

Both devices were successfully installed by Stewart and Nick from our in-house gas team - though navigating past the previous electricians seemingly random handiwork proved interesting in the first instance. From Switchee, Ian helped deliver the training to our colleagues while Adam and Annabelle were supervising both installs throughout the day. All were as accommodating and professional as we'd come to expect.

Again, customers seemed on-board with all elements of the trial, particularly data sharing, if it allows Bromford to identify and support vulnerable customers in the future. They also like the units themselves and how simple the interface is to use. Positive first impressions - that we'll sense check again in one week. 

It's always nice to get out and see customers - and I'm glad to have two such characters involved in this trial! Following a brief pause where we'll monitor those two units closely, we'll install Switchee in eighteen more homes and the test will begin in earnest. Here's looking forward to an interesting year!