This week we've been discussing the future of our current concepts and how we learn from the successes and failures we experience on a daily basis.

Our Affordable Warmth concept (designed at tackling fuel poverty or fuel behaviours that can affect people's health) is coming to the very end of it's time with us. We launch a new approach for the whole organisation at the end of the summer. One of the things we are currently working on is how to support it post-Lab. 

One of the biggest challenges in innovation is avoiding failure to scale. Scaling needs to be supported by a robust business and resource plan. The people involved might be very different from the early stage innovators (they don’t necessarily make the best implementers).

As we move the concept of Affordable Warmth out of the Lab we are about to hit the messy back end of innovation. Will your concept be supported in the real world? 

Our learning here has been to secure strong executive sponsorship - and to make sure the leadership team know that a concept is no longer fantasy. It's coming.

The other idea we had this week was to have a pre-implementation review - involving the people who have helped us - to engage them in how the concept is supported longer term. Hopefully having the people with an emotional connection to the problem steering the solution will give us a much stronger chance of success. 

You'll be able to hear the progress over the rest of the summer.