In case you haven't heard - people are living and working longer. Employers may soon have to cater for the 100 year old employee. Life expectancy has increased at a rate of more than two decades every decade, with more people than ever living well into their 80s, 90s, and 100s.

Problem is the UK isn't that great at handling wellbeing at work. According to the OECD Better Life Index we rank only 28 out of 38 (sitting in the middle of a Latvian and Chile sandwich).

One of the things we've been talking about in the Lab is "What would the perfect work day look like?".

Bromford are already pretty flexible when it comes to working, but as we roll out more mobile options and have wider ranging age groups - we need to take it to another level. 

We've been intrigued by the work of Mike Del Ponte and Soma who operate a "Work From Anywhere Week"

Del Ponte has come up with a hybrid approach between collaborative and independent working. One week every quarter, his team can work anywhere they choose, whether that is a coffeehouse, at a relative's house across the country, or even at some exotic faraway destination. 

Mike calculated that if team members could be 80% as productive as working from the office but come back with new perspectives that would drive innovations for the company's product, brand, or culture, it would be entirely worth it. 

What would be your perfect work day? And would it boost or lessen productivity?

That's what we want to find out!