Twitter Chat - What's The Point Of Innovation Labs? #blabchat

We're a curious bunch at Bromford Lab. We're always asking ourselves searching questions like - What is the universe expanding in to? What are the constituent parts of the human soul? and has the sandwich van been yet?

We think there's a real benefit to opening up a discussion around a specific topic, so rather than keep our conversations to ourselves, we thought we'd open some of the best topics up for the world to join in. So this evening, we will be hosting the first of our Twitter chats, this time around the theme 'whats the point of innovation labs?' You might have seen Michelle's post about #blabchat last week.

twitter chat two.jpg

We'll be posting four questions between 8 and 9 pm. Here's a heads-up on the questions we'll be asking:

Blabchat Q1.jpg
Blabchat Q2.jpg
blabchat Q3.jpg
Blabchat Q4.jpg

We'd love to see you on the #blabchat hashtag this evening. If you've not joined a Twitter chat before check out Michelle's post for a little more info about what you need to do. It's easy.

See you there!