Introducing The Innovation Leadership Launchpad

"Innovative leaders all possess buckets of passion for what they are doing and are able to seek out opportunities. They are resilient and get back up and dust themselves off again and again and again. They are bloody-minded and  just keep going because the problem or idea they are working on is too important to ignore. They are courageous knowing that doing anything new is hard. They work to get buy-in and support from others to help make the idea happen as well as being humble enough to ask for help and support to get them through the emotional setbacks and successes”. 

- Lucy Gower, Author of  The Innovation Leadership Launchpad




Lucy Gower is founder and director at Lucidity, author of the best-selling Innovation Workout, a trainer, coach, consultant and global speaker on innovation. Since 2012, Lucidity has worked with over 50 organisations to help individuals and teams to work better together to develop ideas and make change happen.  


A couple of months ago Lucy got in touch with us and asked if we would like to contribute to her latest publication, a report which seeks to identify the key blockers to leading innovation and practical ways to overcome them as well as providing advice to anyone who wants to make a real and lasting change. Lucy interviewed 15 leaders in innovation from a range of sectors each with a range of different experiences and combined her interviews with survey results from over 300 participants to learn more about the barriers and the secrets of success when it comes to innovation.


Last week Lucy launched her report at an evening event in London. We are really pleased to have been able to contribute and be part of such a great resource for anyone looking to make change happen. You can download your free copy of The Innovation Leadership Launchpad from the Lucidity website.


“Imagine a situation in which everyone is safe to take risks, voice their opinions, and ask judgment-free questions. A culture where managers provide air cover and create safe zones so employees can let down their guard. That’s a culture that supports innovation.”