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In the Lab, we are huge fans of working out loud and connecting with as many of you as possible through social media and other online applications.  It's a great source of inspiration and collaboration, something that is integral to Bromford Lab.

We've been chatting for some time about how we can take this even further, and have been looking at the successes within the sector of the CIH Futures #CIHHumanLibrary feature on Instagram each week and weekly #SOchathour pioneered by Amy Nettleton and the We Are Resource gang.  Both of these have used social media platforms in a great way to engage people in discussions on issues that we are all aware of, with some excellent reference points and best practice being shared throughout.  It's also a great way to connect people with a shared interest, irrespective of geographical location or role.  

So, from Thursday 1st February 2018, we will be launching our own Bromford Lab Chat!  #blabchat

We are going to run this on the first Thursday every month to start with, discussing a wide range of topics around innovation and service design, our first one being 'What's The Point of Innovation Labs?'  We'll be posting a question every fifteen minutes between 8pm and 9pm from our Bromford Lab Twitter account, and we'd love for as many of you as possible to get involved and give us your views!  Just don't forget the hashtag, #blabchat 

The only things you need to have to get in on the discussion is a Twitter account and a view on our topic. 


So clear your diary, get the snacks in and the GIFs ready!

See you on Thursday....