August is here and we only have just over 100 working days until Christmas! Time to get moving - our priorities this week...

What Could A Two Week Lab Discovery Look Like?


We visited Co-op Digital yesterday and were impressed by a lot of things - especially their two week discoveries to build up new concepts. With a new phase of the Lab beginning what could we learn and deploy in just ten days? We'll share some initial ideas next week.

We Need To Talk About Blockchain

We've loved the concept of blockchain and distributed ledger technology for a long time, but finally we might have a practical problem to hang it around. We had a great meeting this morning to work up a potential test - how could we get customers ready for digital payments by migrating them from cash and skipping the existing banking system completely?  

Reality Checking Our Concepts

Can we design out minor repairs? That's what our Starting Well Engineer concept aims to do. Just because something has left the Lab doesn't mean we leave it alone though. As well as detailed evaluation by our Insight Team , we also drop in to see how it's going for engineers and for customers. We'll be spending the day with Liam (pictured on the right) on Wednesday. 

What Does HR Look Like In Our Future Of Work?

According to futurists work is going to get increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA, apparently).  So the role of HR, Recruitment and other People Services needs to change to support colleagues as they acquire new skills. We are running a wrap up design session with our People team on Thursday. 

What Do Our Customers Think Of Artificial Intelligence? 

There's only one way to find out - ask them! We mentioned this in Week #1 edition  - but this week we are finally going to get the Fuzzbot beta into the hands of some customers. It's more of a conversation starter than a test - so we'll be reporting on reactions good or bad...

That's us! Have a great week