In 2013 the Co-op posted a loss of £2.3billion.

It was the worst set of results in the group's 150-year history, as the disastrous events in its banking arm threatened to bring the show to an end. 

The Co-op began an audacious fightback using the situation as a burning platform to re-invent itself for the 21st Century.

Part of that was the foundation of Co-Op Digital - a renewal arm aimed to help re-imagine the organisation in a digital world. 

The Lab have already done some brief work with Co-op digital - helping them test some product ideas with our residents. 

We visited today as our interests lie in three areas:

  • The techniques they are using to put the user at the heart of new products and services 
  • The way they are being transparent and working out loud
  • Their fantastic new co-working space The Federation

We'll probably weave some of our takeaways into posts over the next couple of weeks but here are three things we heard people say today:

"You, know I can't remember the last time I had a meeting"
"I get to try new things without asking anybody for permission"
"It doesn't matter if you fail - as long as we can demonstrate the value of the learning."

Those are great things to hear on a Monday morning. 

We need to hear them more often.

Thanks Ian Drysdale for arranging a great day