Age as an Opportunity Not a Problem

Next week see's the conclusion of the Lab work on Fuel Poverty (watch out for a special series of posts throughout the week.) So our minds are moving on to "What's Next?"

For the next four weeks we'll be doing some work identifying our next wicked problem - that's capable of being turned into a opportunity.

Today we held an exploratory session to look at the theme of ageing. 

Try a Google image search for older persons services or care. Very likely you'll see lots of people sitting in a chair whilst a woman (always a woman) in a blue uniform (always blue) puts their arm around them. And they'll be smiling gratefully. 

This isn't typical of most people's idea or experience of getting older. Very few people would choose this type of service. Technology is under explored and there is scant evidence of design thinking.

Today we questioned what we even mean by an 'older persons' service. A person could be eligible for Bromford 'older person' services at 55. Our oldest resident is nearly 50 years older than that.

You wouldn't design the same services for a 5 year old as you would a 40 year old. It's hardly one homogenous group!

What is the Bromford offer to this myriad 'group' with very different skills , passions and aspirations? Do we even need one?

We'll be posting some of the questions we asked ourselves in an open document - we are sure you'll have more!