Behavioural Nudge Theory


In case you are unfamiliar with it, Nudge Theory is the idea that by using positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions you can influence the motives, incentives and decisions of groups and individuals. 

After the failures of our first car park test, Vicky and I began using this idea with our latest test. Currently on our office car parks we use a hanger to display contact information. These hangers didn't really have a name and numerous colleagues didn't display the information which caused chaos when people were blocked in.

Adapting the name of this otherwise miscellanious item changes the denotation and therefore how colleagues relate to it. It becomes less about sharing your contact information and more about having permission to park on our car parks. It changes from it being a right to colleagues being allowed.

This subtle change has seen a rise from 53% displaying their permit, to 94%, in the space of a week. We are running the test until the end of January to see whether the behavioural change has sticking power but so far so good.