The clock is now ticking: we have 11 more weeks to crack fuel poverty. As well as the usual diary entries we'll be posting a summing up every Friday.

This week has mainly been spent planning and researching.

We’ve decided that the action we decided on last week: “producing a minimum viable data set to identify people at risk” could be a red herring. It could tie people up in research rather than doing and finding.

Our first fast fail!

With that in mind we are separating out into four themes that each of our Lab team will co-ordinate:

  • Sense checking our data – is what we have good enough for now? How can open data play a role?
  • Who are the very best partnerships available to us? What works currently and what are the gaps? 
  • What’s the most transformative tech solutions available? 
  • What do customers currently think and do? 

We are also setting up a number of 'download' sessions beginning with key colleagues before moving on to customers and partners. It's basically a 30 minute session in which we suck up the contents of their brains and redistribute their knowledge across our network. 

We have also completed catch up’s with all our Squad leads and are scheduling in their next tests. Watch this space.