Can Communities Recruit Their Next Residents?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had enough knowledge and information about the communities in which our customers live that every time we let a home we added to the skills in the community?

What if we were be able to target the letting of homes to ‘recruit’ customers with the right skills to help strengthen those communities? 

For example does the community need a great childminder, or a handyperson or a super friendly neighbour who will help others feel less isolated? 

Could we even link this to some funding from YouCan for start-up businesses or activities that will help unlock the skills of the community?

That’s the concept that the Community Squad will be testing out in the Lab this Autumn…

How can we begin to get that level of local intelligence? 

  • Even if we did, would our current systems and policies stop us from ever really doing it?
  • Would we find these new customers and how would we make them an offer they can’t refuse?
  • How brave and radical could we be to help build strong and resilient communities?

Details of the test will follow - right here and on our new Trello board.