Normally when we go into Lab mode we spend an awful lot of time defining the problem.

But with wicked problems , like fuel poverty, that can be a waste of time. That's because every wicked problem is a symptom of another problem.  

Indeed the problem itself might only become clear once you've found a taming solution. 

With that in mind we've parked our usual Lab process and turned it on its head. Let's go into solution mode for a change!

One of the themes we want to look at is that of smart technology and the role that could play. Accordingly we've opened up a google document listing some of the tech we want to explore. 

Everything the Lab do defaults to being open, so the list will grow over time and we want contributions. The link is free to access and you can leave comments and suggestions.

Thanks to Simon Evill of ClearlySo who has been a huge help so far.