miniature schnauzer

Innovation Lab Home Challenge

Here in the Lab we want to really challenge ourselves all the time, not only about helping to find solutions that fit with the day job - we also want to be the kind of folk that are passionate about solving our own problems too!

Does innovation begin at home?

We have set ourselves the challenge of finding a problem we have, then find and fund our own solution and test it out.  First up to face this challenge was Vicky Green, Lab Manager! Well she would be wouldn't she?

As our Vicky loves to be on TV she has made three short clips to demonstrate her problem, the solution and then how she tested it out! Not sure her two dogs were completely aware of what was happening, but watch the clips to see how she is solving the common problem of - dogs not being able to switch off their own in built food alarms!


Part One - Setting out the Challenge

Part Two - Setting up the Test

Part Three - The Results

Vicky has confirmed that both dogs enjoyed the test, the next step is to do set up the feeder without her actually being in the room! So a mini pilot is officially launched and we can check in with Archie and Alfie in a few weeks to see if this has actually made both their and her life easier!

PS We understand that Vicky told her husband the automatic feeder was only £15 so if you happen to know him, please don't let on!

Here is a quick outtake of the test from this morning! Made us laugh anyway!