The beginning of the week saw us launch the first of our squads, formed around areas of service important to customers.

The aims of the squads are four-fold:

  1. Eliminate silo thinking by assembling a diverse group of individuals with different viewpoints and talents.
  2. Increase the agility of our work , getting more concepts into test at a faster pace without fear of failure.
  3. Spread a culture of innovation - scaling up the early stage work we have begun in the Lab.
  4. Ensure legacy and scale by equipping pilots with the right leadership, resources and measures to give them the best chance of success. 

This is a one page guide to what it means to be on a squad:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 18.34.20.png

The squads are themed around Homes , Community , Money and Health. We may be adding a fifth squad specifically around our colleagues. 

These will synchronise with the work of the Lab, Insight and Customer Experience teams – adopting some of our agile methodology – as well as working out loud using more collaborative social business tools.

Each squad will be encouraged to be radically transparent – engaging more colleagues and customers in their work without the hindrance of line management responsibilities.  

You'll be able to follow the work of the squads here and have full access to their workplans.