How To Reinvent Housing: Live at House Party 15

Imagine if we started again? Tearing up the way the #ukhousing works and beginning afresh.

That's what housing auteur and HACT boss Matt Leach has asked us to do at House Party 15.

House Party is an unofficial fringe event held at the same time as the main Chartered Institute of Housing Conference in Manchester on the 23rd and 24th June.

We'll be hosting a two day Lab session that burns the rule book and then rewrites it. And we need your help:

  • Pitch a session
  • Host a provocative lightning talk
  • Take part in a service redesign
  • Help build a prototype

You can take part in anyway you want. 

Oh , and it wouldn't be the Lab if we didn't have a drone, some 3D tech and some virtual reality to hand.

Whether you work in health, housing, social care or tech (or anywhere else) - we'll be asking you to contribute either online or in person.

Tickets are available here. If you can't attend we'll be meerkatting , periscoping , tweeting and instagramming throughout.

More details will follow next week - including how you can pitch your ideas.

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