Today we took part in the first ever NHS 'Transformathon' - 24 hours of free learning from people all over the world.

We used the opportunity to talk about one of our latest tests - which is looking whether we can reduce demand through investing up front in more bespoke customer service.

Essentially we are working with customers to design a service to better 'induct' them to their home - empowering them to do small repairs themselves.

The link to health might not be immediately apparent but housing is emerging from an era of paternalism - doing things TO people rather than with them. And investing the majority of resources into reactively 'treating' people rather than prevention and empowerment. Just like health!

So our (over-exposed) Lab Rats stepped aside to allow colleagues Rob Dudley and Jason Holder to tell everyone about our Multi-Skilled Engineer test and how we are trying to reduce demand by empowering customers.

The real highpoint was hearing from customers Scott, Abdi and Ruth who told us how their confidence to do minor repairs had increased since the session. If we can build on this and redistribute resources to those who need it most we may have the beginnings of something special.

Here's a photo of customers receiving their new self help toolkit from Rob and Jason - and a group selfie of the hangout!

Thanks again to Helen Bevan , Alison Cameron and their amazing support team for inviting us to share our work!

We'll post a link to the video soon!