How Do You Solve A Problem Like Car Parking?

You may remember that recently I wrote a post about how the lab wanted to test out some basic behavioural nudge theory. To do this we wanted to pick a problem that was relatively insignificant and not detrimental to customers or colleagues. So naturally we thought of car parks.

The issue with our car park is multifaceted. We are lucky where I work as we have access to free parking right outside. The problem however is we have more colleagues drive into work than we have spaces. This means we could either take a chance and hope we dodge the parking wardens or we can double park i.e. block in colleagues..

Now there are many radical ways we could have tackled this problem.

  1. start charging for the privilege for parking a car and hope it discourages people
  2. only allow the same number of cars through the barriers that there are spaces
  3. implement a park and ride scheme
  4. introduce compulsory car sharing
  5. shut the offices and start a full scale working from home initiative - therefore making the problem of parking obsolete.

Or, to instill the lab mantra of 'keeping it simple stupid', what we could just encourage colleagues to talk to each

And so that is what we did: