It's been one month since we launched our test of a potential new role at Bromford - the multi-skilled coach. On Monday we pulled everyone back together to evaluate what we'd learned and whether we were any closer to understanding how the service might actually work (or whether it's even possible...).

<<See the multi-skilled coach test plan here>>

We talked engagement, systems and equipment, admin burdens and how customers seemed positive about having one point of contact in their neighborhood. We talked about how our colleagues might find role switching challenging and how customer's will want to prioritize resolving practical issues (i.e. their repairs or neighborhood issues) over having aspirational conversations. We talked a lot - so I've condensed our evaluation down into a quick sway, Microsoft's new presentation tool. 

As always we're open to comments, questions and criticisms around our test methods - or even our use of Sway. Check out the evaluation below and let us know what you think!