It's been a little over a month since we sent Damian out into the big wide world (well - certain parts of the Midlands) to test out a new role we're developing - a Community Builder. For two weeks he struck up conversations in any way he could - investigating what skills and aspirations our customers and local residents had. 

<You can find more information in the test plan here>

We've been extrapolating the learning since the test finished - discussing what worked well and whether we're any closer to creating a standardized service offer. Damian and the team have also been sharing the learning with another local ABCD (asset based community development) initiative - nurture development. 

Now we have the pleasure of releasing two complimentary infographics - one hard evaluation (see below) and another highly recommended holistic look at what we learned (thanks to Damian).  


We'll be feeding this information back into our Community squad and picking up anything they specifically want to look at. Hopefully there will be a community builder v2 test sometime soon! 

For the time being you can relive some of Damian's insight on our previous diary entries here!