At Bromford Lab we've divided the service areas important to our customers into four linked themes. We call these Squads. 

Squads are our way of ensuring innovation concepts have an identified business owner who can make things happen. Innovation needs proven impact if it is to be adopted ,and the right resources and leadership made available if it's ever to take hold and scale. 

Jason Holder heads up our Home Squad, which looks at all the opportunities for thinking differently around our repairs service.

The repairs and maintenance service is arguably the one that's most important to a customer. If something goes wrong in your home you want it put right - quickly.

Picking up the discussion we started at House Party in the summer , we've been imagining how our repairs might look if it was delivered very differently. What would Uber do?

  • What if we offered customers a choice of home standards based upon their preferences?
  • What if we attempted to design out the top ten most recurrent repairs?
  • What if customers themselves could design a package of service based around their individual needs?

Attached is a first look at the concepts we'll be exploring. As the plans develop you'll see them here - success or failure!