This afternoon we held a session with our Insight Team - or the data geeks as we fondly refer to them. 

Part of the role of Lab , and arguably our most important function, is to spot multiple problems that exist and bring people together to solve them.

On this occasion we had a problem of our own: how to best target customers at risk of fuel poverty. But our 'Money Squad' - also had a problem: the most efficient way to target our new Money Advice service so that it benefits customers. 

Two problems. A huge amount of crossover. Potential for duplication and waste. Or collaboration and shared learning. 

The days of our organisations offering services that don't fully match customer needs are well and truly over. 

We need data driven cultures to solve the problems that matter. 

One of the big challenges of fostering a data-driven culture is that it requires a shift in thinking. It's not easy for people who are used to making instinctive gut decisions to transition to a world in which the smart decisions are data-driven. 

They might have got away with it in a time where evidence and impact wasn't needed, but in 2015 there are new rules of transparency and accountability.

Had a great idea or initiative? Prove it. 

We need to make every penny count for our customers. Which is why Bromford Lab and the Insight team are insisting any new service we develop is data driven. 

Watch out for the results soon.