Hi I'm Adam...


I’m Adam the new member of the Innovation and Design team. You may know me as the ‘sketchnote guy’ so keeping this blog post in that vein here is my Sketchnote CV I used for this role and should give you an idea about me without going into masses of detail.

Sketchnote CV.jpg


To say I’m excited to start this role is an understatement. The opportunity to work in the Lab is amazing. The team are fantastic thinkers and designers and I’m really looking forward to working with them. This role is a great way to challenge my thinking, experience, skills and grow as an individual. Brilliant. 

The exploration pipeline (see this link) is exciting and it will be rewarding to support the delivery of Bromfords strategy. I am passionate about collaboration and relationships so unsurprisingly excited to create these opportunities with internal colleagues. All great stuff.

It’s refreshing and liberating to begin working in a design environment that is guided by a number of principles. Here’s a (very) small flavour of those principles - 

Exploration and PROBLEM definition. 

This way of working IS FALLING in love with PROBLEMS not ideas. Ideas will come but what problem are you trying to solve and WHY? A key question we should always be asking ourselves.


Our Approach To Design  - Simon Penny.png

Failure is a key here, how often do businesses, teams and individuals get a chance to fail? And FAST! This is what makes the innovation and design so great. Failure is where the magic happens, learning from what you did before, improving iteratively and ultimately delivering something of great value to our customers. 

Disruptive Innovators Network (DIN)

I was lucky enough in my first week to attend this event at Bromford Exchange Court Wolverhampton. What an event it was. Brilliant. From my perspective it was valuable to see the team in action along with the head of HR, Head of Insight, Director of Transformation and IT and Director of strategy all present how Bromford innovates to external visitors who were completely captivated.

Here is a sketchnote of the day - 

DIN Sketchnote.jpg

On top of this there was Virtual Reality in terms of virtual viewings and a mobile office called R.O.V.E.R. 

To see how Bromford are held in such high regard in this area was great to see! 

I’ll be a regular contributor to the Bromlab blog and extremely grateful to have landed this position. Exciting times ahead. The journey begins. 

Take action

When I blog I like to give readers something to do; read, draw, watch, behaviour change, action action action. So if you have a spare 10 minutes watch this Ted Talk on failure - https://youtu.be/hNQRRsL3R4A

Catch you soon - Adam

Adam Boyes, Design Lead

Design Lead in the Innovation and Design Teams. Loves building strong relationships and collaborating. Always looking to add value and improve lives through design. Regularly produces Sketchnotes simplifying information overload in a fun way.

Passionate about leadership, design, drawing, music, kettlebells, personal development, well-being and writing.