BlabChat: Six months in - What’s next?

Inspiration leads to ideas. Ideas lead to innovation. Innovation leads to impact.

Connecting people is where it all begins.

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Back in February, we hosted the first of our monthly twitter chats. We call them our Bromford Lab Chats or #BlabChat for short. Everyone is welcome. Since then we’ve chosen a topic and posted four questions between 8pm and 9pm (GMT) on the first Thursday of every month. We chair the discussion and post a round-up featuring tweets from contributors on the Bromford Lab blog. If you’ve missed them you can catch up here:

We’ve been stoked by the enthusiasm of the people who have joined the conversation. Together we’ve been building a community. Some people join us every month, and others when the topic inspires them, and that’s great because we never wanted taking part to feel like a chore. We’re just over 6 months in and thought it would be good to take stock, think about what has worked, think about what could have been better, and make some plans for future #BlabChats.  

Twitter Chat  Poster.png

We want to continue to open up a conversation around the themes of Creative Cultures, Innovative Infrastructures, Collaboration and Bromford’s Core Purpose. We want to strike the right balance between having fun and stimulating useful, meaningful conversation, so we’ll do our best to ensure that the questions we pose are ‘punchy’ and formed around clear topics.

Moving forward, we want to mix it up a bit by introducing some guest hosts and #BlabChat round-up editors. We will work with hosts to choose the questions (sometimes the topic too) and give them editorial rights and/or authorship of the round-up blog post. We will still do the administration but they’ll be in control on the night. We’re thinking that good guest hosts would be Bromford colleagues or external collaborators who are involved in our lab tests and external thought leaders and topic experts.

We would really like to get your thoughts - Have you been a #BlabChat regular or a casual contributor? What made you join us and why did you come back? Have you heard about #BlabChat but never joined the conversation? Why? What could we do to persuade you?


For our September twitter chat, we want to open up the questions to you guys. We’re looking for thought-provoking questions to pose on the night, so get your thinking caps on and drop us your suggestions by Friday 31st August.

We’d love you to stop by at 8pm on Thursday 6th September. See you there . . . ?




Cover image Photo by on Unsplash