Today was our first attempt at forming a collaborative Lab Planning agenda using Google Keep (which we are HUGE fans of). It was only partially successful as the tool didn't seem to welcome us all updating at the same time. Our inboxes are testament that Google tools help destroy email - so we'll experiment further. 

We've now had the decision approved that every change across Bromford must go through a more formal change pipeline. On one hand this is what Innovation Labs dream of (total organisation wide coverage) on the other it will be a huge challenge requiring us to work faster than ever before, ditching low value concepts at the earliest opportunity. This means we'll be developing an even more flexible test framework that you'll see more of soon. Our Trello will get rebooted on Wednesday. 

The next phase of our persona work is to interview some customers but they won't be yer usual questions as we aim to build a more rounded picture. Some examples:

  • What does a perfect day look like for you? Describe the last time you had a really great day.
  • If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only pick three of your belongings to save from the waves, what would you save?
  • What does taking a risk mean to you?
  • If I gave you £1000 what would you spend it on?

The Fuzzbot feedback from some of our customers has been fascinating. It's shown us that talking about AI and Robots outside of us innovation types can prompt people to see a worst case scenario: we are either trying to cut costs or steal data. It's given us some ideas about a further test that we'll run past the guys at FuzzLab. Watch this space

We had a great reaction to our revised work principles - and we've been bouncing around some ideas of what Working From Anywhere could look like. Bristol? Birmingham? Or Bali? With V Festival clogging nearby roads this Friday - we'll probably test it sooner rather than later..

See you next week