10 Things About Transformation and Change From #HQNFlight


I spent Wednesday at the British Airways i360 in Brighton - a great venue - with some amazing people. I'll post an overview of my slot on my own blog in the coming days, but here's 10 takeaways that made me go 🤔. 

1 - Amazon have never had a transformation or change plan. (I'll just let that one hang there...).

2 - "I don't see any housing associations actually transforming. Do they really want to provide something different?" - a great challenge from Andy Reeve of Impact Hub

3 -  On the same theme Frances Hipple of HACT "most of housing change is optimisation not transformation". 

4 - My quote of the day probably came from Emma McGowan:


5 -  Two interesting comments:

"Whatever you think, you are rubbish at data"

"None of you really know your tenants or users. Not really."

6 - Elly Hoult on the importance of data "It's time to think of data as an asset, one of our most important assets". 

7 - Some great failure points from HACT


8 - Spot on from @andyreevo: "transformation has a bad reputation as it's often about fewer jobs rather than creating a different world."

9 - Rob McWilliam from Amazon and Walmart: "Anyone can say they are an innovative company but do you have the mechanism to unearth ideas and do something with them?".

10 - Amazon work backwards  - starting with the press release first to help people visualise a concept. Also there's no PowerPoint allowed at meetings. Instead a six page work document based on factual statements is read at the start of meetings and never distributed in advance.

And finally - last word to FutureGov

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.01.11.png