One of the big challenges for any Lab and research and development team is:

How do you keep life support going after your concepts have been released?

Today we went to the pub ( diet coke and lemonade only ) to discuss what we needed to do to fully exit our work around affordable warmth.

Our task at the beginning was to create a product that solves a problem: and we believe we have - through a mix of frugal innovation, smart technology and tapping into the talents of partners , colleagues and customers.

Our next challenge: keeping it going.

We've decided that pretty much everything can be exited into the mainstream business with the exception of our smart tech test - which we'll retain control of for 12 months.

Something else we want to test is whether the network we've built up can guide the concepts over the coming months without appointing an actual manager. Accordingly we've established a Champions Network that will self manage and only meet virtually for 30 minutes every three months. 

Will it work? Let's find out.

You can find a copy of our affordable warmth wrap up here: