This vote has now closed with an equal tie between Uber repairs and Tiny/Wiki homes. We flipped a coin on this and Uber repairs won. We'll hopefully look at Tiny/Wiki homes in due course.  

One of the most famous , and certainly most imitated, company perks has to be Google and their 20% time. Although reportedly no longer in operation  - the idea of employees being able to spend a day a week on a side project certainly inspired a lot of people. 

And it inspired us! We reserve 20% of Lab time for anyone to pitch ideas that we can work on - as long as it fits within the Bromford social purpose of unlocking potential in people.

This included our sessions at House Party. We hosted nine sessions in total. The five main sessions are collated in the slideshare below - the other four will feature in upcoming posts.

So many conferences lead to nothing. We wanted the sessions to have some outcome - so we look back in a years time and think "We tried that". Whether it fails isn't the point. We'll have had a try.

So - what shall we work on?

This is your chance to vote and also your chance to express an interest in collaboration.

Our intention is to get a couple of these ideas to MVP ( minimum viable product) over the next few months. After that - who knows?

So here's the vote - followed by the slideshare


Voting closes at 5pm Friday 7th August and you can select more than one option.

If you're interested in collaborating leave us note below, tweet us @bromfordlab or mail us lab@bromford.co.uk