Fuel Poverty Week Seven: Turning Strategy into Action

One of the things we wanted to avoid as part of our foray into Fuel Poverty was issuing a long report with a host of recommendations.

Very few reports get read - never mind acted upon. Research from the World Bank estimated that 30% of their own reports had never even been downloaded. 40% had been downloaded less than 1oo times. Only 13%  had ever received more than 250 downloads. 

The world is full of reports and recommendations and the Lab wants to be action focussed. So part of our brief was to act on the recommendations of other people's reports!

We are now working on a draft strategy. In the spirit of working out loud it is very rough at this stage, but thanks to your contributions it is going through its second design phase. The strategy will be complete when Fuel Poverty Lab concludes in February. 

(We'll be checking how many of you actually read it)