Today marked the kick off for our 12 week hack of fuel poverty.

For our initial session we met with our sponsoring team: Nick Cummins, Russ Fowler, Sue Murray and Will Lilley

This isn't a closed club - in fact anyone can apply to join the team by requesting access to our team Slack account. We are particularly keen to engage customers , colleagues , entrepreneurs and researchers.  

Normally when Bromford starts an innovation concept we spend a lot of time defining the problem. But wicked problems are so huge and messy in nature there's no point even trying. The problem often isn't even clear until you've framed a solution. 

We could waste the 12 weeks talking about things. What we really need to do is go to the people closest to problem - our customers and colleagues - and work back from there.

Today we outlined some broad goals for the next 12 weeks. What we'd like to see in a perfect world and the sort of solutions we'd envisage both simple and ground breaking. 

We'll be posting a draft of those goals over the next few days.

You can also hear more about the Fuel Poverty Lab in The Lab Show live on YouTube at 12:30pm Friday 23rd October. The twitter hashtag is #LabShow

And if you want an invite to Slack just send us your email either by the contact form, lab@bromford.co.uk or by Twitter DM. 

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