Change your state


Have you ever found it difficult to begin that new project? Or run into difficulties completing a hard task? What’s stopping you? Is it procrastination or fear? Perfection?

You can put it off, but it lingers there, niggling away like a virus. It’s frustrating.

Look to change your state. Consider changing your immediate environment. Shut the laptop and use pen and paper. Take a walk. Move desks. Sit with different people. Get a fresh perspective. Refresh. 

You can sit there and punish yourself OR do absolutely anything, however small that edges you forwards. Create some momentum. Take action. You’ll feel better for it.

Adam Boyes, Design Lead

Design Lead in the Innovation and Design Teams. Loves building strong relationships and collaborating. Always looking to add value and improve lives through design. Regularly produces Sketchnotes simplifying information overload in a fun way.

Passionate about leadership, design, drawing, music, kettlebells, personal development, well-being and writing.