Create a time buffer


We’re in a project meeting and asked, ‘How long will that take?’

In the moment we blurt out an arbitrary number which vastly underestimates the time it will actually take. This optimism makes us look good and efficient to our peers.

But we fail to consider inevitable unforeseen events which impact our time estimate. There’s always something which occurs that saps away time and focus; an emergency here, a different priority there. The result - we end up in a rush, compromise on quality or miss the deadline altogether.

When asked how long will it take. Take a breath and simply add a 50% time buffer to your estimate to take care of those fated distractions.

Adam Boyes, Design Lead

Design Lead in the Innovation and Design Teams. Loves building strong relationships and collaborating. Always looking to add value and improve lives through design. Regularly produces Sketchnotes simplifying information overload in a fun way.

Passionate about leadership, design, drawing, music, kettlebells, personal development, well-being and writing.