Email is a time suck


We’re spending too much time in our inboxes! Why? 

It’s addictive. Like smartphone notifications it feels good being bombarded with little ephemeral highs. We believe we are working hard by moving about a little bits of information. Call Newport says it’s shallow work. He has a point.

Email sucks time, dragging us away from what really matters. Our maximum contribution.

Surprisingly, we do have a choice if and when we use email. Try checking it twice a day. Morning and afternoon ONLY.

You are more than your inbox. Like Liam Neeson in Taken you have a particular set of skills, so use them!

Adam Boyes, Design Lead

Design Lead in the Innovation and Design Teams. Loves building strong relationships and collaborating. Always looking to add value and improve lives through design. Regularly produces Sketchnotes simplifying information overload in a fun way.

Passionate about leadership, design, drawing, music, kettlebells, personal development, well-being and writing.