Four Perspectives on The Future of Housing and Community

Back in May we started talking to Hyper Island in Manchester to develop some future visions of what housing and community services could look like over the next ten years. Today we showcase the results.


How can a digital economy in the UK support people to access better health, financial and community connections? And what place or role does the connected home play as a platform for people to achieve their aspirations?

Over four weeks, the Hyper Island students used design thinking methodologies to explore and present their findings via a dedicated website. Here they are:

Perspective One - B.ridge

B.ridge is a transparent platform for micro-philanthropy, and an ecosystem to build a sustainable community.

Perspective Two - Bromford Guild

The Guild combines digital resources with community based skills to provide an infrastructure that creates the jobs of tomorrow. 

Perspective Three - The Dome

The Dome empowers users with the skills for today and tomorrow.

Perspective Four - Obodo

Obodo hooks all the smart devices in your home, and your neighbours homes, together. It builds better communities by helping people share resources, food, utilities, tools and jobs.

Our reaction

We were blown away by the vision and creativity of the students. They got the opportunity to present their findings to our Bromford Squads who will be developing these themes over the months and years ahead.

Thanks again to Hyper Island for showing such a positive view of future community!

About the MA Digital Media Management programme.

Hyper Island’s MA in Digital Media Management program offers an immersive learning experience delivered by innovative digital leaders and pioneers. The programme combines a broad range of topics, including digital technology, business transformation, strategy, service design and research methods with real-world application, developing the leaders of the future.