We've had a lot of fun over the past couple of days playing around with Google Cardboard VR. 

In case you don't know Google Cardboard is a fold out smartphone mount that combined with lenses , a magnet and a rubber band gives you a full virtual reality experience.

It was designed by a couple of Google developers in their "20% time" - the portion of their work time that's reserved to collaborate on anything they want. Although the headset is designed by Google you can assemble your own , or buy one priced as low as £2 - £3. 

                                                     Assembling Cardboard VR 

                                                     Assembling Cardboard VR 

Why are we interested?

We were intrigued by the work being done by Mike Underwood and the team at Futures Housing Group. Mike has posted about the possibilities of of creating dementia friendly VR environments - and how this could be brought to tenants in a low cost way.

We agree and can also see the potential of people creating virtual versions of their community to show prospective tenants, or creating learning environments for colleagues.

We'll be exploring these possibilities going forward. And even if these don't come to fruition it's a lot of fun looking at dinosaurs and riding on virtual roller coasters!!