At Bromford, we’ve recently launched our updated strategy, so we thought that it would be an ideal opportunity to refresh our Exploration Pipeline to bring it in-line with our new strategic focus and goals. We’ve also restructured our internal reporting in-line with the strategy too.


Our nineteen strategic goals are categorised under five overarching areas of strategic focus:

Each piece of work in our exploration pipeline has its own card and is linked to an area of strategic focus. Each card also includes details of the work being undertaken, the problem we are trying to fix and any links to design briefs, test plans, blog posts or other documentation that is appropriate.

We’ve listened to feedback from both internal and external stakeholders and have decided to make our Trello board more public friendly. This means that whilst we will be making our Trello updates more accessible to a wider audience, we will also be adding more detail to our internal reports.


We've colour-coded each piece of work and each strategic goal to provide a visual reference to the area of strategic focus it contributes towards. Each of our cards also has a label which links it to an area of strategic focus in order to enable viewers to use our board filters to see only the pieces of work they are interested in.

Each piece of work is categorised under six column headings which denote where it is in the pipeline. You can find out more about each by checking out our board guide:

  • Discover

  • Design

  • Awaiting Test

  • Test

  • Pilot

  • Completed

When we discuss each piece of work in our weekly lab planning session we make a decision on where it best fits on the board. In some cases cards move from left to right; starting in discovery and ending in completed. However, as not all work results in a test or pilot this won’t always be the case.

We made a commitment to working out loud in our Lab-ifesto because we want to share our work and create opportunities for collaboration. But by aligning our work to our organisational strategy we also want to enable our customers and wider stakeholders to hold us to account.

We’re always open to feedback so if you’ve got any comments please drop us a line.