Our aim is for Bromford Lab to be a catalyst for innovation and a platform for sharing ideas both internally and externally. We regularly publish content which has been informed through collaborative activity undertaken with a range of stakeholders. We also share content created by other people if we feel it would be of interest to our audiences.

A founding principle of the Lab is to promote open innovation, combining the knowledge of our colleagues, customers and peer networks. We value the time of the people who contribute towards the work of Bromford Lab and also those people who comprise our audience. Often, our content is comprised of data obtained through social media/public domain, customer interviews, workshops/lab sessions and twitter chats and shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Bromford Lab blog, Bromford website and partner blogs or websites.

We’ve always been careful when sharing or publishing content publically. Our rule of thumb is to never publish anything that we wouldn’t be prepared to say to someone if we were talking to them face-to-face. Whilst this has largely served us well, we do recognise that on its own it does have limitations.

We thought that as our readership and reach has steadily increased over recent times, it might be time for us to draft a set of Bromford Lab Editorial Guidelines to build upon our existing rule of thumb and act as a more transparent guide to inform how we source, produce and govern our content.

We founded our guidelines around six editorial values:

Trust - We want people to trust in us and the content we publish.

Integrity - The decisions we make will be morally sound and will be made in good faith.

Transparency - We will be transparent about the nature and provenance of our content.

Accountability - We are accountable to Bromford as well as our contributors and audiences. We will balance this position by dealing fairly and openly with all parties and stakeholders.

Fairness - Our content will be based on fairness, openness, honesty and straight dealing.

Privacy - We will respect the privacy of both our contributors and audiences.

Our editorial values are further underpinned by our editorial principles. You can find out more by following the link to our google slides.  

These guidelines are very much a living document. As always we welcome your feedback.