September #BlabChat : Evidence vs. Gut Feeling - Designing for Social Change

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“I have hunches. I can’t explain always why I think a certain path is the right way, but I need to trust it and go ahead. I also have the ability to check these hunches and find out what they are about. That’s the science part.”

- Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer

What part does gut feeling and evidence play in the design process? Are there tensions between the two and if so can they be overcome?

For this month’s #BlabChat we’ve been crowd-sourcing questions from our Bromford Lab Twitter Chat regulars. We’ve spotted a theme and have drawn together a set of questions inspired by your suggestions; we hope that you recognise your contribution! Thank you to everyone who took the time to suggest a question.

We thought that for this month’s #BlabChat it would be good to discuss striking a balance between going with our gut feelings and making design decisions based on evidence. Is it OK to work off your instincts or is hard data the only way to go? Perhaps it’s a case of balance? What do you think?  

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Remember, label your answers A1, A2, A3, etc and most importantly, don't forget to use #blabchat when you respond, even if it’s replying to someone else's tweet.

Join us for some thought-provoking chat on Thursday 6th September at 8pm where we will be posing these four (ok five) questions inspired by our regular contributors. See you there and remember to tell your friends!