April #blabchat : Does Working Out Loud Inspire Innovation?

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The Easter Weekend is but a distant memory and you're massively regretting eating that truckload of chocolate eggs (No? Just me then.....) but never fear, the next instalment of #blabchat is here tonight from 8pm to reinvigorate the mind!

This month's topic is working out loud.  Rather like innovation, it's become the latest thing everyone seems to be doing, but what does it actually mean and does it help or hinder?  

Here in the Bromford Lab, one of our guiding principles has always been to work out loud.  Hell, our To Do list is public on Trello so if you really want to know that I need to tidy up my Google Drive and move it over to our Lab account, you genuinely can.  Our exploration pipeline board has been created so that it meshes the exciting stuff we are looking at working up and testing (for Joe Public's benefit) with the wider Bromford organisational change programme so all colleagues can see what is going on, particularly in areas which they have a vested interest in. But does making everything totally available make us more imaginative and collaborative or actually are we just opening up a giant can of worms?  Well, tonight is your chance to join in that conversation and share your thoughts.  

With that in mind, the questions for tonight are:  

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Blabchat Q2 April.jpg
Blabchat Q3 April.jpg
Blabchat Q4 April.jpg

Remember, label your answers A1, A2, A3, etc and most importantly, don't forget to use #blabchat in any response, even if its just replying to someone else's thoughts.  Other useful ones for this month's conversation are #wol or #workingoutloud - lets cast this net out wide and see how many new ideas and insights we can get!

See you at 8pm for blast off!